Daily Post is a web-based collection of photographs that grew by one entry each day, as its name suggests. The project began on March 27, 2002, and ended after 5480 days and photographs on March 27, 2017. "Heraclitus says somewhere that all things pass and naught abides; comparing things to the current of a river, he says you cannot step twice into the same stream." - Plato
Previously labeled as one of nation’s most polluted rivers, the Androscoggin River has slowly, if incompletely, recovered over time. Yet the river that allegedly inspired the 1972 Clean Water Act remains veiled in stereotype and ignored by the thousands who live along it. “A River Lost and Found” explores the hidden past and neglected present of this important New England waterway. Our collaborative project combines photography, oral history, archival research, and non-fiction writing. Here we present a selection of our still-unfolding work. Together we ask how an injured river might reveal an ethic of place that embraces the complexities of human and natural history together. Our answers may suggest how we can embrace places that are neither pristine nor completely despoiled—the very places so many of us call home.
A daily blog written by Christy Shake, my wife, about our son, Calvin, and his care. She writes to raise awareness about epilepsy, a condition that Calvin and our family must cope with every day.